ladiesVivian Buzzard is a vibrant, articulate and thoughtful young lady.  She enjoys swimming, playing piano, reading and creating magnificent make believe worlds for her dolls and action figures.

Vivian constantly surprises us with her silent talents.  At a recent talent show, we were thrilled to learn that she is a very confident and calm public speaker.  Vivian is also developing a wonderful singing voice.

At a very young age, Vivian is learning what it means to have a medically involved sister with autism. She has attended many doctor and therapy appointments this combined with her great memory she has an understanding of many medical terms. Vivian can tell describe the difference between OT and PT better than most adults and knows a basic level what an MRI is.  At a high level, Vivian understands what autism is and that at times it makes life a bit more challenging for Caroline.  She is having a hard time discerning between what is autism and what is Caroline’s personality.  And her greatest hope is that some day she will be able have a verbal conversation with sister.

As of yesterday, Vivian was thinking she might be a teacher or an orthopedic surgeon when she grows up but she wants to keep her options open.