kwb and carolineLife is a balancing act and for Kacie Buzzard that means being mother to the ladies Vivian and Caroline, wife to John, friend to a few, a small business owner, and the holder of many opinions.

As a public relations practitioner with significant experience as a political organizer, Kacie has used her professional skills to advocate with and on behalf of persons with disabilities throughout her career.  These advocacy skills have served Kacie will when navigating the complex education and governmental bodies necessary to ensure Caroline, her medically involved daughter with autism, receives the support and services she needs to reach her full and unique potential.

Kacie started this blog when she was frantically searching for an explanation for Caroline’s developmental delays, failure to thrive and other medical issues.  Over the years, the blog has become a place to share the good, the bad, the ugly and the mundane.  It is Kacie’s hope that by honestly and openly, maybe a little too openly sharing her family’s experiences she will help others who are similar situated and raise awareness among those who are not.

Kacie holds a Masters of Arts in Political Science from Western Illinois University.

When Kacie is not changing the world – one tweet, at a time – she is likely scoping out the hottest playgrounds in Cleveland with her family.