funnyhat1John Buzzard is the love of my life and perhaps the most amazing husband and father in the world (except for the days I want to kill him).  When John looks at our daughters, the ladies, all he sees is perfection and potential.  He is truly their biggest fan.

Before becoming a father to our ladies, John has had hundreds of kids.  He has been an innovative and inspiring professional educator for over twenty years.  Every school year, he has the tremendous honor of partnering with parents to provide their child with an education rooted in multidisciplinary, real word learning experiences.

Whenever John meets someone new, he is quick to pull out his phone and show pictures or videos of the ladies. He celebrates the ladies’ efforts just as much as he celebrates their victories.  John is a thoughtful and involved parent. He reminds me that while it is important to plan for the ladies’ future we must also make sure they have an enjoyable childhood.

If not at school, John is most likely to be found cheering on Vivian and Caroline during swim lessons, playing at the local park, or cooking with Vivian.