family fun1Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. The inspiration for the title of this blog came from a medical diagnosis received by my daughter, Caroline. After thinking about this term, I realized it spoke to me on many levels.

Caroline was preemie who was medically involved from birth. For nearly, three years doctors were puzzled by her developmental delay and combination of medical issues.  We were very aggressive in searching for an explanation – Caroline has been some of the country’s best neurologists, geneticists and developmental pediatricians in addition to GI, cardiologists, ENT,allergists, sleep specialists, endocrinologists and the list goes on.  We were told countless times that Caroline did not have autism because she was “too social.”  Just before, Caroline’s third birthday she was formally diagnosed with autism.  I am not sure if the diagnosis made me more aware of what to look for or if Caroline coincidently  starting exhibiting more autistic like behaviors after the diagnosis. Things like flapping, screaming uncontrollably and a host of sensory-seeking behaviors.

To be clear, the title of my blog has nothing to do with Caroline or autism other than Failure to Thrive was the first diagnosis Caroline received. And at that time our lives, my husband and I were doing everything we could to simply keep our heads above water.

We are the belief that Caroline’s autism does not define her, she is so much more than a diagnosis. But we also believe without autism she would not be the same person.  We are focused on treatments that will help Caroline reach her own unique potential rather than searching for a cure.  We also vaccinate our daughters.

This blog shares my family’s journey.