18446591_10154323002277096_7391579503087797040_nWhen I think of my parents’ love story, I think of it as the twisted most, romantic love story of all. For over forty years, they have bickered, quibbled, and annoyed each other but despite that they have been there for each other. They showed up each and every day in their marriage and fought not to have the best marriage but to have the best marriage for them. I appreciate the honesty with which they love each other.

When my sister passed away, they both changed tremendously as individuals and as a couple but over time they were able to share their grief as a way of strengthening their marriage. I think it was that loss that really caused them to realize how much they mean to each other. The way they handled the worst adversity any couple could ever imagine taught me that marriage is about more than walking through life together it is about making the effort to comfort your partner when you, yourself don’t have the will or the desire to go on. That dedication and devotion is true love.

Forty years of marriage is an accomplishment in its own right. But when the forty years has been fraught with adversity and turmoil it becomes a gift because you know through it all there has always been one person you could count on. Your shared history becomes more than memories it becomes the path that leads to your future.

Their future is one that will be filled with love for each other, their kids and grandkids. It is the love they show, together, for their grandkids that will define their future and be their legacy.

I am so thankful that my kids have my parents as their grandparents. No matter what is going on in my kids’ lives my parents take an interest. And even though they live across the country my parents participate in my kids lives on a regularly basis. The love and devotion they show each is magnified in their love of their grandkids.

Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom and Dad. Thank you for always being there for each other because through that constant love for each other you have been there for the rest of the family.