Ms. Kelly, Vivian and Ms. Miracle. Vivian’s face doesn’t exactly capture the love but trust me it is there.

The relationship between teachers and parents is nearly as important the relationship shared by teacher and student.  When I first thought of this notation, I surely thought it was because of the relationships I share with Caroline’s teachers and therapists but I now realize it is even more true for Vivian.

Vivian is complex and aware of the world in a way that I wish she wasn’t at 5 years old.  I have no worries about her academically because she has a natural curiosity for knowledge and information. When Vivian doesn’t know the answer she isn’t afraid to ask and when she is bored she is not afraid to share that, either.

In some ways, I worry more about Vivian than Caroline.  In the back of my head, I know every decision we make is to ensure that we are giving Caroline the best possible chance. Reasoning that Vivian will always be okay and for that reason I worry about Vivian.  It is a vicious cycle that I am sure all parents can understand.

From the moment, I met Ms. Amy Miracle I knew she was going to be a great teacher for Vivian.  She is calm and enthusiastic, understanding and kind and not easily manipulated. Vivian has been known to manipulate teachers rather effectively but I don’t think she even tried with Ms. Miracle. In the classroom, Vivian is part of a group of friends who support each other and are working toward the common goal of becoming 1st graders.

Vivian comes home from school excited about her IB themes, asking if she can have her birthday party at the museum so she can see fossils and is full of excitement. Her passion to learn to do things the right way is fueled by the words “the Kindergarten Way”.

It is so important for Vivian to have a place where she feels like she gets all the attention she needs because at home she only gets the attention that we are able to give her. Ms. Miracle and Ms. Kelly (assistant teacher) make Vivian feel so loved and cared while she is at school. They make sure to let me know if Vivian is having an off day which is rare because of the supportive environment they have created.

The first question I asked during parent-teacher conferences, “How is Vivian doing socially?”. I was worried about her social skills and confidence between all the moving and our home environment being so focused on her sister’s needs.  But that worry was completely eliminated when I saw Vivian perform in the school talent show. I firmly believe the supportive environment created by Ms. Miracle and Ms. Kelly gave Vivian the confidence she needed to shine.

When I asked Vivian, “What is the most important thing you learned from Ms. Miracle this year,” her reply was priceless. “To show the thumbs up if we have to use the bathroom because sometimes there just isn’t enough time.”  But when I pried a little deeper, I realize that Ms. Miracle and Ms Kelly instilled a love of school, a sense of school spirit, academic accountability and the importance of being kind to all the “friends” or classmates.  And these are the lessons, I most wanted Vivian to learn. I have and never had a doubt that Vivian will meet or exceed all the state standards this year. What was important to me is that Vivian became part of a community and felt accepted – remember Vivian has had 3 cross-country moves in 5 years.  Ms. Miracle and Ms. Kelly delivered on this beyond my expectations.

Ms. Miracle is also amazing with parents. I email her nearly weekly and she never tires of my concerns and takes them seriously.  She is discrete with information and is always helpful in trying to troubleshoot issues. She not only has made Vivian a better, more knowledgable student but me a more effective and thoughtful parent, especially in terms of Vivian’s needs.

Thank you Ms. Miracle and Ms. Kelly the Buzzard Family appreciates all you do for Vivian and all of your students. I hope you know how appreciated you are.